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Classification and characteristics of analog op amp
Time:2012/10/9 11:35:58
Analog operational amplifier from birth to the present, more than 40 years of history. The earliest process is the use of the silicon NPN craft, later improved silicon NPN-PNP process (hereinafter referred to as the standard silicon process). JFET technology is mature, settled FET process further added. When the the MOS tube technology is mature, especially mature CMOS technology, analog operational amplifier has a qualitative leap, on the one hand, to solve the problem of low power, on the other hand, mixed analog and digital circuit technology, solve a DC signal directly deal with the problem.
After years of development, the analog operational amplifier technology has been very mature, perfect performance, saying, many varieties. This makes beginners do not know what to do selection. Integrated analog op amp easy for beginners to choose two classification methods using the craft classification and function / performance classification taxonomy, easier to understand, and may be different from the usual method of classification.
According to the manufacturing process, integrated analog operational amplifier in use can be divided into standard silicon process operational amplifier, op amp to settle type FET process was added in a standard silicon process, added in a standard silicon process, the operational amplifier of the MOS process . Classified in accordance with the process, is easy for beginners to understand the impact of processing on the performance of integrated analog operational amplifier, quick to grasp the characteristics of the op amp.
The integrated simulation of the operational amplifier of the standard silicon process is characterized by a ring-opening of a low input impedance and low input noise, a slightly lower gain, low cost, the accuracy is not so high, the high power consumption. This is all standard silicon process integration analog operational amplifier internal NPN-PNP tube current-mode devices, low input impedance, low input noise, low-gain, high-power, even if the input stage using a variety of techniques to improve since, in both quite energy premise still can not get rid of the problem of the low input impedance, a typical open loop magnitude in 1M ohm input impedance. In order to take into account the frequency characteristics of the intermediate gain stage can not be too much, making the total gain is small, generally between 80 ~ 110dB. Standard silicon technology can be combined with laser correction technology, integrated analog operational amplifier greatly improved the accuracy, temperature drift indicators can reach 0.15ppm. By changing the standard silicon process, you can design a general-purpose op amp and high-speed op-amp. A typical representative of the LM324.
Standard silicon process op amp settle FET process standard silicon process integrated analog operational amplifier input stage improvements to the junction field effect tube, greatly improving the op amp's open-loop input impedance, incidentally, improve the general conversion speed op amp, integrated analog operational amplifier with standard silicon process is similar. Typical open-loop input impedance magnitude 1000M ohms. A typical representative of the TL084.
Standard silicon process the op amp MOS FET process is divided into three categories, one is the standard silicon process integrated analog operational amplifier input stage improved MOS FET than JFET greatly improve the op amp's open-loop input impedance, incidentally, to improve the conversion rate of the general-purpose op amp with standard silicon integrated analog process is similar to the op amp. Typical open-loop magnitude of 10 ^ 12 ohm input impedance. A typical representative of the CA3140.
The second type is a MOS FET process analog op amp, it greatly reduces power consumption, but the power supply voltage is reduced, power consumption is greatly reduced, it's a typical open-loop magnitude of 10 ^ 12 ohm input impedance.
The third category is all-MOS FET technology analog-digital hybrid op-amp, the use of so-called chopper-stabilized, mainly used to improve the accuracy of the DC signal processing, the input offset voltage can reach 0.01uV temperature drift indicators can reach 0.02ppm. In dealing with the DC signal close to the ideal op amp characteristics. Its typical open loop input impedance magnitude at 10 ^ 12 ohms. Typical products ICL7650.
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